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Legislative Engagement

COSSA achieved big wins for solar and storage in Colorado during the 2021 legislative session!

With the passage of the Fair Permitting Act update (HB21-1284), COSSA secured reasonable limits to residential and commercial solar permitting fees. This Act installs firm caps for routine permits and adds storage to consolidate and expedite the permitting process for customers. 

COSSA also supported Senator Steve Fenberg’s drive to advance distributed generation in the state. His Act to Encourage Renewable Energy Generation (SB21-261)  significantly expands rooftop solar system size limits and availability, giving headroom for home and vehicle electrification as well as multi-meter operations, and requires storage incentives and programs to spur battery adoption across wide parts of the state. COSSA anticipates multiple proceedings at the PUC to implement and enforce the spirit of Sen. Fenberg’s legislation over the next 18 months. 

COSSA also worked hard to advocate or protect solar and storage interests in many other legislative pushes this session, including on transmission policy, regulatory agency funding, renewable energy expenditure set-asides, and beneficial electrification requirements.

For a full accounting of COSSA’s work, please see our 2021 Legislative Session in Review.


Legislation from the 2019 session has made for a busy 2021 spring at the Public Utilities Commission.  Utilities are submitting their resource and Clean Energy Plans.  For Xcel, this involves the largest resource plan in the state’s history.  For Tri-State, this involves their first-ever litigated resource plan under new planning rules.  COSSA will be arguing for S+S interests in both proceedings as our state’s largest utilities remake their generation fleets to meet the state’s 2030 greenhouse gas goals. 

  • Xcel 2021 Electric Resource Plan and Clean Energy Plan
  • Tri-State 2020 Electric Resource Plan

Several rulemakings are also in process or concluding.  The biggest accomplishment is the promulgation of new interconnection rules for all retail distributed generation in the state.  COSSA was instrumental in modernizing these decades-old rules, successfully securing a more efficient, transparent, and updated interconnection process for solar customers and adding entirely new rules to facilitate storage deployment.  Also in the works are ground-breaking distribution system planning rules, anticipated in late spring, and possible revisions to renewable energy standards and net metering rules.

  • Interconnection Rules
  • Distribution System Planning Rules
  • Renewable Energy Standard and Net Metering Rules
  • Other rulemakings stemming from 2021 legislation

Finally, COSSA is also involved in numerous individual proceedings: time-of-use charges for medium commercial and industrial customers in a rate case, a $2 billion transmission construction proposal, an annual review of community solar garden bill credits, and forthcoming renewable energy compliance plans from Xcel and Black Hills Energy.  COSSA is engaged on all fronts, working to secure favorable outcomes for the S+S industry.

  • Xcel Phase II Rate Case
  • Xcel Power Pathway Project CPCN
  • Xcel Solar*Rewards Community Service Advice Letter
  • Xcel Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan
  • Black Hills Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan

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Key Solar and Storage State Laws

  • HB21-1284: Fair Permitting Act
  • SB21-261: PUC Encourage Renewable Distributed Generation
  • HB19-1003: Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act
  • SB19-236: Sunset Public Utilities Commission
  • HB19-1261: Climate Action Plan to Reduce Pollution
  • SB13-252: Renewable Energy Standard Retail Wholesale Methane
  • HB11-1199: Fair Permit Act
  • HB10-1342: Community Solar Gardens
  • HB10-1001: Renewable Energy Standard 30% by 2020
  • SB09-51: Renewable Energy Financing Act (Net metering and 3rd party financing)
  • HB07-1281: Renewable Energy Standard for Co-op Utilities