CO Legislative Energy Policy

Bills before the Colorado legislature 2019 session

HR19-1003 – Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act
hb19-1313 – Electric Utility Plans To Further Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
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This bill will allow community solar garden developers who are working in Xcel or Black Hills territories to build bigger projects (subject to their RFP award), work with customers across the entire service territory and ensure that community solar subscriptions are treated the same as rooftop solar for tax purposes.

The Public Utility Service Commission will be up for reauthorization. COSSA is currently gathering ideas from members about how to ensure the PUC is best equipped to tackle the challenges of the transition to a clean energy future. This bill is yet to be introduced.

Legislative Resources
Looking for a particular piece of legislation? Visit the Colorado General Assembly website for a comprehensive listing of current and past legislation.

Key State Laws of Interest to the Solar and Storage Community

Senate Bill 252 : Renewable Energy Standard Retail Wholesale Methane
HB11-1199 : Fair Permit Act
HB10-1001 : Renewable Energy Standard 30% by 2020
HB07-1281 : Renewable Energy Standard for Co-op Utilities
HB10-1342 : Community Solar Gardens
SB09-51 : Net Metering & 3rd Party Financing