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COSSA’s 2022 Policy Accomplishments

  • Worked with both Black Hills and Xcel Energy to design the state’s first-ever off-site net metering offering (Black Hills Advice Letter, Xcel’s 2022-25 RES Plan);
  • Designed and secured approval for a pay-for-performance battery pilot and associated software platform (Xcel’s 2022-25 RES Plan; Xcel’s Distribution System Plan);
  • Defeated stringent labor ratio requirements that would have slowed solar installations and increased project costs (2022 legislation);
  • Negotiated revised CSG program requirements, ensuring high bar application standards that support project viability (Xcel’s 2022-25 RES Plan);
  • Negotiated higher capacity values for standalone storage, fair contract provisions, and reasonable modeling assumption in two large-scale renewable energy solicitations (Tri-State 2020 ERP; Xcel’s 2021 ERP);
  • Defeated Xcel’s attempt to own and operate behind-the-meter solar and storage assets for C&I customers (Xcel’s Resiliency Service Program); 
  • Worked with Xcel to design a time-of-use rate pilot for large C&I customers (Xcel’s SG-TOU Pilot);
  • Called attention to transmission constraints in the San Luis Valley, prompting the Commission to open an investigation (Xcel’s Power Pathway; SLV Transmission Investigation);
  • Presented industry’s frustrations with Xcel’s interconnection problems, web portal deficiencies, and smart meter delays to the Commission, prompting action and Commissioner involvement (Interconnection Investigation; Xcel’s Distribution System Plan; PUC Staff Petition for Declaratory Order); 
  • Led a coalition to advance virtual net metering for multi-unit properties, securing rules for master meter operators and paving the way for individually metered arrangements (Multi-Unit Building NEM Rulemaking); and
  • Worked with multiple counties to improve their 1041 land use process for solar and energy storage developers. To help more jurisdictions, COSSA issued a  Principles and Best Practices for Colorado’s Local Governments guide.

Policy Work Ahead in 2023

  • Spearhead legislation to prepare investor-owned utilities’ electric distribution systems for DER adoption and electrification while not overinvesting in gas infrastructure;
  • Secure funding in 2023 for SolarAPP, the automated solar permitting review process developed by the National Renewable Energy Lab;
  • Advocate for independent power producer interests as two utilities proceed with large acquisitions of renewable energy in phase II competitive solicitations;
  • Ensure state law and new net metering legislation is implemented fairly and accurately as the state revises Renewable Energy Standard regulation;
  • Support transparent rate design in the upcoming Xcel phase II rate case that sends accurate price signals to customers and sets appropriate time-of-use peak windows;
  • Advocate for reasonable interconnection and curtailment practices for community solar gardens in an anticipated 2023 rulemaking;
  • Ensure Xcel’s 2022-25 Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan is implemented in the spirit of the settlement agreement, including a sound pay-for-performance battery pilot, a first-ever off-site net metering offering, and solar garden programmatic changes;
  • Establish common sense rules for individually metered multi-unit net metering;
  • Advocate for industry as the Public Utilities Commission undertakes a review of the Renewable Energy Standard Adjustment rider; and
  • Represent COSSA member interests in numerous stakeholder events anticipated for 2023, including flexible interconnection standards, curtailment policies, and pilot implementation and evaluation.

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Key Solar and Storage State Laws

  • HB21-1284: Fair Permitting Act Update
  • SB21-261: PUC Encourage Renewable Distributed Generation
  • HB19-1003: Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act
  • SB19-236: Sunset Public Utilities Commission
  • HB19-1261: Climate Action Plan to Reduce Pollution
  • SB13-252: Renewable Energy Standard Retail Wholesale Methane
  • HB11-1199: Fair Permit Act
  • HB10-1342: Community Solar Gardens
  • HB10-1001: Renewable Energy Standard 30% by 2020
  • SB09-51: Renewable Energy Financing Act (Net metering and 3rd party financing)
  • HB07-1281: Renewable Energy Standard for Co-op Utilities