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Legislative Engagement

In 2021, COSSA will be working with clean energy champions in the Colorado legislature to close loopholes and add energy storage to the Fair Permitting Act. Additionally, we’ll be working to expand markets for energy storage by securing fair taxation of the assets and by providing the PUC with guidance on deployment. We expect to see some additional refinements in the community solar garden programs, as well.

Public Utility Commission Engagement

In 2020, COSSA secured multiple wins for the solar and storage industries. From residential time-of-use rates to Community Solar Garden rules and utility electric resource plans, COSSA was able to secure changes to expand and enhance the solar and storage market in Colorado. Read a complete summary of all of the 2020 wins.

In 2021, COSSA expects to actively participate in the following regulatory cases:

  • CSG bill credit tariff (November 2020 – ?)
  • Interconnection Rules (Nov 2020 – Q2 2021?)
  • Tri-State ERP (Dec 2020-August 2021)
  • Xcel “Clean Energy Plan” ERP (Feb 2021 – Dec 2021)
  • RESA/Net Energy Metering rules (Q1 2021 – ?_
  • Distribution System Planning Rules (Q1 2021 – ?)
  • Black Hills RES Plan (Q2 2021 – ?)
  • Xcel RES Plan (Q2 2021 – ?)

Make sure to join our Policy Committee to contribute your thoughts and concerns about these proceedings.

Legislative Resources
Looking for a particular piece of legislation? Visit the Colorado General Assembly website for a comprehensive listing of current and past legislation.

The 2019 legislative session was especially impactful for the future of solar and storage in Colorado. Read a complete overview of the 2019 Legislative Session.

Key State Laws of Interest to the Solar and Storage Community