Cynthia Christensen
Director Commercial / Utility Sales
Namaste Solar


COSEIA represents a growing and dynamically diverse group of solar stakeholders with a drive to be a mainstream energy source in our state. I understand what it will take to gain traction in this market as well as the barriers and issues in our state.  Therefore:  COSEIA Board I would be honored if you would accept by intention to run for an additional two-year term for the COSEIA Board.  It has been a pleasure to work with the team and believe we have accomplished an enormous amount in the last two years.  The trust the industry has shown to our board during the latest PUC dockets and supporting negotiations was astounding and I look forward to continuing the work started in 2016.

In her 25 plus years of experience in renewable energy, Cynthia Christensen has worked in wide variety of capacities. She started her career as a material science engineer, contributing to many of the manufacturing techniques for polysilicon development and high volume cell and module production.

Prior to Namasté Solar, her leadership in the Cornwell Group led to some of the largest concentrated solar, co-generation and photovoltaic projects around the globe. Christensen also developed strategic plans for Stirling Energy Systems, BlackRock Renewables and NTR-Ireland. She also advised clients on growth strategy and pre-acquisition due diligence. She served as the lead publisher for the U.S. Department of Trade “Global Storage Solutions” and the Ambassador for the MENA region, U.S. – MENA Renewable Standards Initiative. As Namasté Solar’s Commercial/Utility Sales Director, my initial focus has been on the company’s regional expansion and providing best in class offerings to development partners and other stakeholders.

Solar Experience

Namaste Solar Electric (3/2014-Present) – Commercial/Utility Sales

Cornwell Group (6/2011-3/2014) – Executive V.P.

Efficiency N Energy(6/2012-3/2014) – BoD, Senior Advisor

Blackrock Investments(6/2009-6/2011) – Director, Renewable/Clean Energy

Stirling Energy Systems (1/2006-6/2009) – Director Strategy and Business Dev.

Meyer Burger/DWT (4/1999-1/2006) – V.P./CEO


  • Fundraising – Continue the work started in 2016 to develop a Corporate Event that is a catalyst for the DG market and provides essential funds for the COSEIA efforts in 2017 and beyond.
  • Policy/Rate Framework – Extend the work started with the Xcel Settlement case and other dockets that will be pursued by the utility in subsequent years.  Work with other utilities as they develop energy sourcing plan.  Create and support legislation that benefits clean energy and energy efficiency measures in our state.
  • Education and Outreach – Lots of work needs to be done in educating not only consumers, business owners and municipalities but legislators and other stakeholders.  Education is one of the barriers to moving solar into mainstream energy sourcing.


Decision-making: Promoting a culture in which all the stakeholders work as a team to achieve a common goal

Communication: Exploring options and suggestions put forward and articulate to other stakeholders that leads to actionable results

Drivership: The ability to take action and own an endeavor or plan

Leila Clark
Chief Operating Officer
EcoMark Solar


I oversee day to day operations at EcoMark Solar to include project management, design, permitting, utility and HOA coordination and installation teams. Additionally, I oversee marketing, HR and recruiting efforts. Prior to working in solar I worked for for US Senator Michael Bennet, various non-profit and political outreach campaigns and graduated with a degree in political science from the Colorado College. I have always had a keen interest in the intersection of politics and energy and seek additional opportunities to explore this interest.

Solar Experience

I have four and half years of experience in residential solar marketing, sales and installation management.


Public Outreach

  • Given the outcome of the recent presidential election, I think many Coloradans are interested in becoming more involved in implementing solutions to our climate crisis on a local level. I think a strong public outreach campaign on behalf of the industry could leverage this sentiment into pro-solar policies and increased solar adoption.

Streamlined Solar Permitting

  • While certain AHJ’s (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) have streamlined, transparent permitting practices and policies, others have a long way to go. Expanding the Solar Friendly Communities guidelines to more Colorado cities would allow for increased development.

Utility Relationships

  • Working with Colorado utilities to ensure solar friendly policies and practices and a good relationship between utilities large and small and the Colorado solar industry.


As a day to day manager who works with all manner of contributors to the residential solar value chain (manufacturers, distributors, finance partners, utilities, permitting authorities) I believe I can offer a unique perspective on the what is needed to support and advance distributed, residential solar and the challenges that residential solar installers face that are restricting growth. Additionally, I have strong communication, analytical, and problem solving skills to bring to the board of COSEIA.

William Clay
Solar Power Pros, Inc


William Clay is President and Founder of Solar Power Pros Inc, a commercial and residential solar installation company based in Centennial, CO since 2013. Prior to this role, William was Senior Vice President of Operations at Level 3 Communications. William is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and served as a U.S. Air Force officer for 6 years in a variety of leadership roles. He also earned a Master of Science degree from California State Polytechnic University and MBA from the University of Colorado.

Solar Experience

As President of Solar Power Pros, I have experience in all aspects of Colorado’s commercial and residential solar markets and industries. I’ve worked directly with commercial and residential customers to understand their renewable needs and to design solutions to fulfill those needs. I’ve partnered with solar financing companies to help make solar energy more affordable for our customers. I’ve worked directly with most of Colorado’s utilities and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) to obtain project and applicable rebate approvals. I have hired and employ full-time solar installers, design and customer care technicians and have partnered with numerous solar manufacturers, suppliers and professional service organizations within and outside of Colorado to deliver and maintain solar solutions for our customers. Finally, I am an avid reader of solar news from around the country and world. I believe it is important to understand the broader solar policy, market, industry and technology


  1. Strengthen COSEIA membership and public support for key solar policies
  2. Promote new solar friendly policies:
    • Extend the Colorado’s RPS from 2020 to 2030, or beyond, with higher renewable and distributed solar targets for investment owned, co-op and municipality owned utilities
    • Supportive policies, rate structures & incentives for energy storage solutions
  3. Vehemently oppose efforts that undermine Colorado’s growing solar market
    • Continuation of Net Metering policies
    • Direct and indirect solar fees (e.g. IREA residential load factor rate)
    • Limitations on solar energy solution deployments


My 25 year background offers a broad range of leadership, management, negotiation, technical and business experience.

Leadership – My military and professional experience has taught me how to successfully lead teams. I believe that good leadership starts by ensuring the team has a clear vision and mission statement with supporting goals and initiatives. I have led a team of over 1200 employees and contractors and have led small teams of a few people. In all cases, I have found that establishing and communicating clear goals helps a team focus, set priorities and execute.

Negotiation – As a leader in the telecommunications industry for 13 years, I witnessed vast communication industry changes spurred on by deregulation and the advent of cell phones and the internet. These industry conditions are similar to what the energy industry is beginning to face now. During that period, I had the opportunity to successfully negotiate Level 3 development efforts with Verizon, BellSouth, Southwestern Bell and US West/Qwest and to advise our executive and legal team for FCC and state PUC policy hearings. My negotiation strength is founded in analytic preparation, listening, communication skills and creative problem solving.

Entrepreneurial – I have a passion for solar and I’m very optimistic about the solar industry’s future. I also have both a business and engineering education. The combination provides me with a strong entrepreneurial foundation that I apply to all of my efforts in the solar industry.

I believe in COSEIA’s mission to promote Colorado’s solar market. COSEIA has had some critical wins over the past few years. With the recent political changes, it’s even more important now for COSEIA to further strengthen its membership, organize public support and continue to represent the solar industry.

I want to volunteer as a member of the COSEIA board. I will leverage my experience and strengths to contribute to the board’s success over the coming years.

John Francis E Frias
NABCEP Certified Installer
Ova Nova

Hi, my name is John Francis Frias and I am submitting an application for COSEIA Board of Directors. I’m from Texas, served in the military, spent time in Oil and Gas industry and now call Colorado home. I’ve gone green and am motivated to helping secure an energy future we all can believe in: one of service to all.

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Climate change is running rampant and we elected a President who denies the science. If we are to prevail we must all stand together and create a force of action that is undeniable in its purpose; to bring safe, clean energy to the world.  This is why I’m applying to the Board of Directors of COSEIA. The time is now to get involved and make myself available to serve an industry that is in need of motivation, determination and perseverance. I’m a hands on individual with a magnanimous personality. I care very much about our future on this planet and I believe I am in a unique position and location to do everything possible to lead us into the future. I am a member of COSEIA through a company called OVA NOVA.


Economy of Service
Priority number one is to create an ethos around the concept of energy as a service not a commodity. We must build an economy that is additive and contributive; an economy based on regenerative capitalism like that described by Hunter Lovins.

Strategic Value
Large companies could reduce their total energy spend by 30% to 50%, by applying best practices in energy management and procurement.

Transactive Energy Market
Learn from leaders like New York that have developed an energy market under the Reforming Energy Vision (REV) that is implementing cutting-edge strategies for market engagement.

Chris Hamilton
National Account Manager
BriteStreet Energy

My name is Chris Hamilton, and I’m submitting this application for consideration to become a 2017 COSEIA Board Member.  I have worked in the Colorado solar industry for the past 10 years, starting in residential & commercial sales.  I’m currently a National Account Manager for BriteStreet Energy Depot providing solar equipment to installers around North America.  I have also worked with multiple solar distributors and a German mounting systems manufacturer, S:FLEX Inc. 

Having spent almost one-third of my life in solar, I’m at a stage where I would like to explore and contribute at a greater level to this industry – policy, education, job growth, etc.  I have seen our local market manage the ever-changing landscape and overcome obstacles, serving as an example to other states looking to increase their solar energy portfolio.  We have great knowledge to continue our local growth, while communicating our experiences to emerging markets around the US. 

I believe my diverse background in this industry would be an ideal fit to complement COSEIA’s Board of Directors team.  As with any new endeavor, I understand there will be a learning curve in understanding the inner workings of your organization.  I optimistically accept the challenge to continue moving our industry forward and adding value.


  • Understanding of current CO challenges and strategies to overcome.
  • Navigation within a new national administration, and how to best manage those changes.
  • Education to the general public about the benefits and accomplishments of solar energy, creating momentum to continue growth.


Creative Thinking, Active Listening, Brainstorming, Trust, Integrity, Passionate Learner, Leadership, Professionalism, Business Development, Desire to grow both personally and professionally

Rebecca Langton
Community Engagement Manager
Clean Energy Collective

Rebecca Langton entered the solar energy industry in 2010 when she joined a rooftop installation and national distribution firm located in New Mexico. A marketing professional for nearly 15 years, sharing information about the benefits of solar energy has become a driving passion. At Clean Energy Collective, Rebecca is part of the Corporate Development team working to carve out new markets and partnerships for the advancement of community solar programs. Rebecca writes proposals, leads product demonstrations, and writes a regular column for Solar Today magazine. She also led the creation of and continues to manage the Community Solar Hub, a platform created in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative designed to increase the adoption and awareness of community solar programs nationwide.

CEC is the industry leader in developing community-shared solar facilities for solar developers, electric utilities, and their customers.

Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Art History from the University of New Mexico and continues to paint, show, and sell her artwork in locations throughout Boulder County and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Solar Experience

I have worked for a rooftop installer, solar distributor, and currently community solar firm. I have a strong background in marketing and sales, and I am a skilled writer who focuses on the solar industry with a large portfolio of published articles and blog posts.


  1. Advocacy – Help educate all Americans on the benefits of solar energy. It is time to end the debate of why solar is better than traditional fossil fuel sources. This could be done through abundant and accurate information, better energy policy, and early education.
  2. Accessibility – Creating the demand among the public for solar by increasing affordability and accessibility. Let’s move beyond the early adopters and make solar an automatic and simple choice for energy needs.
  3. Innovation – Remove the barriers for greater solar adoption. Encourage and support the growth of the industry through innovation and entrepreneurship.


  1. I possesses strong writing and communication skills – I could assist COSEIA through marketing and educational materials, and written articles for the members and industry.
  2. Marketing experience – I have over 15 years of sales and marketing experience in solar and real estate.
  3. Event planning – I am very skilled at organizing fun events that help drive information, awareness, and membership

Willie Mein
Custom Solar

Mr. Mein has broad-based expertise in renewable energy engineering and integration, and over twenty years experience in construction as carpenter, general contractor, engineer, and business owner. He has worked as an engineer for The City of San Francisco and for small private engineering firms. From 1999 to 2007, Willie managed the engineering systems at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, a solar science research arm of the University of Colorado. Prior to launching Custom Solar, Willie served as GM for Simple Solar and as VP of Operations for Lighthouse. Willie has a BA in Mathematics from the University of Colorado and a BS in Civil Engineering from San Francisco State University. Willie is an ICC Certified Class A General Contractor, a former NABCEP certified solar thermal installer, and a former NABCEP certified solar PV installer. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in good standing in the states of California and Colorado. He has been active in advancing solar policy in Colorado for over ten years, participated in COSIEA PV policy subcommittees, attended COSIEA rallies and PUC meetings, served on the Governor’s Energy Office task forces under former Governor Ritter, and on COSEIA’s Board for the past two years.

Solar Experience

Mr. Mein is the owner/manager of a local solar installation firm that specializes in residential and commercial solar electric and solar thermal and energy storage system design, installation and financing.


  • Reduce soft costs and unnecessary requirements by local AHJs and utilities.
  • Ensure equitable utility rules for the adoption of solar and solar plus storage technologies
  • Encourage and inform local counties, cities and the state in the development of programs that properly incentivize greater solar adoption.


Mr. Mein brings a long-term and straightforward perspective to the board as a local solar integrator in both PV and Solar Thermal. With a deep and historic understanding of the key concerns of the local solar integrators, Mr. Mein is committed to pushing forward on the issues that are priorities for the majority of COSEIA’s membership.

Billi McCullough
Holland & Hart LLP


Billi McCullough focuses her practice in three areas: infrastructure development, complex debt financing, and strategic transactions.

Her clients range from portfolio to multinational companies, both private and publicly traded. She represents project developers, issuers, borrowers, venture capital funds, and private equity investors.

Billi helps infrastructure developers to successfully build, finance, and sell their projects, and works closely with companies of all types and sizes to design, develop, and implement ideal financing packages. She also helps clients to buy and sell companies, complete complex joint ventures, and raise dedicated capital through equity transactions.

Billi’s experience is strongly focused in the energy and natural resources industries. She has developed particular expertise counseling renewable energy clients, including developers and owners of wind farms, utility-scale solar farms and distributed generation solar projects.

As a former chief corporate development officer for an application service provider and general counsel for an international telecommunications company, Billi truly understands the challenges her clients face. She approaches all of her transactions from a pragmatic perspective to ensure her clients’ strategic objectives are met.

Solar Experience

I have worked on a wide range of projects in the commercial solar industry for more than 10 years. I provide legal advice to help clients develop and finance distributed generation and utility-scale projects using a variety of solar technologies. In addition to my professional involvement, I am personally engaged and interested in the growth and success of the solar industry in Colorado and throughout the nation.

Some examples of my recent solar energy projects include:

  • Lead counsel in the acquisition of, and subsequent financing and loan restructuring for, two solar photovoltaic projects, 20MWs and 30MWs respectively, located in Imperial County, California.
  • Lead Counsel in the financing of two separate portfolios of distributed generation solar projects in Colorado.
  • Lead counsel to a financing party to a joint venture selling three development-stage solar farms in Southern California with a combined capacity of 100 PPA contracted MWs.
  • Lead counsel to developer in connection with the formation of a long-term joint development arrangement with a financing partner for the development and financing of distributed solar facilities, the closing of multiple Solar Power and Services Agreements and multiple site leases, and the project financing of multiple distributed solar projects.


  1. Designing and implementing innovative and sustainable financing alternatives for solar projects of all shapes and sizes.
  2. Strengthening relationships and coalitions across the energy industry both renewable and conventional in order to strengthen the solar industry itself to protect it from governmental and commercial efforts to slow and even rollback the amazing growth it has enjoyed over the last decade.
  3. Working to continue to develop regulatory, governmental and commercial programs to increase deployment of solar resources across a diverse community of users including non-profits and low income housing.


I approach my clients’ opportunities and challenges from a pragmatic, results-oriented perspective. I leverage my wide-ranging industry experience to construct creative solutions to ensure clients achieve their business goals. From my deep expertise on the business end of solar energy development, I have developed a broad network of personal and professional relationships which enables me to understand the legal, political, and business issues and roadblocks faced by both individual developers and broader industry stakeholders.

In addition to my own expertise and network, I can access the sophisticated knowledge of other members of my firm who regularly work with clients in the solar sector on tax issues and incentives, appearances before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, engaging elected and appointed local and state government officials, and many other disciplines that may be helpful to advance COSEIA’s interests.

Ski Muir Milburn
VAIREX air systems


I’ve been involved in renewable energy, cleantech and now fuel cells for my entire 40+ year career.
I’ve founded and co-founded several privately-funded startups, managed numerous private financing’s, an IPO and several post-IPO financing’s.

Today I am Chief Executive Officer of VAIREX air systems, a developer and manufacturer of fuel cell components, with offices in Boulder, Colorado and Tokyo, Japan, and customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Specialties: Innovation, entrepreneurship, sales & marketing, government policy and finance of alternative and clean energy technologies.

Solar Experience

In the late 1970’s I joined Novan Solar as an investor and outside director. Over the next few years we became a nationally recognized brand in the solar hot water business and did a successful IPO. When President Reagan was elected, and government policies shifted, we survived by pivoting into the clean water business. I was Chairman and CEO during a critical period of this transition. Less than ten years later, the company was sold to a European buyer for $7 billion.


  1. Navigating a new and challenging political landscape including growing SolarCitisuns into a viable alternative source of RPS compliance data, and a new force in helping shape the Utility of the Future.
  2. Reducing soft costs, the primary hurdle between the industry and system costs that will drive mass adoption at an even higher rate.
  3. Helping to build a more secure financial foundation for COSEIA and its sister organizations.


I bring experience in building industries that dates back to the earliest days of solar energy in Colorado, coupled with an international business background that informs my perspectives with deep knowledge of what’s been successful elsewhere, and global trends in our industry.

Nick Perugini
Director of Business Development
Bella Energy, Inc.


Nick Perugini, Director of Business Development at Bella Energy, is also a Member of the Board of Directors of COSEIA and is the President of New Energy Colorado (NECO), an associated non-profit who manages the campaigns of Solar CitiSuns and The Metro Denver Tour of Green Homes. Within Bella, he leads all efforts in front end non-residential project development sourcing, analysis, and structured finance, while building Bella’s network of strategic partnership alliances.  He has lived in Colorado since 1995 and has been serving the business community here and in other states since 1990.  He contributes a diverse background, experience, and passion for Solar and energy efficiency to Bella and the Solar community.  With a track record of high colleague, client, and team loyalty and respect, his hands-on style builds rapport from the board room to the engine room.  He prides himself on in-depth product, policy, and implementation knowledge which offers the ability to create simple and elegant solutions to meet the needs of diverse renewable energy goals.
After Mechanical Engineering studies in New York, where he grew up, he worked his way up within the electrical sign business, from management of custom fabrication & installation, to design-sales-permitting, and into business ownership.  When the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong passion in Solar opened up early in 2008, he jumped and has not looked back.  When he’s not immersed in Solar, he enjoys home improvement, tropical fish, and adventures with his two teenage kids.

Solar Experience

I started my energy career in 2008 in residential and commercial Solar and energy efficiency analysis and sales. Since then my exposure has evolved away from  residential work (other than practicing what I preach in my own home) and dominantly toward small utility and commercial Solar projects across the US. I still often help friends and family with Solar for their homes yet I feel most confident in commercial, utility scale, financing, rate structures, policy formation, and education with targeted success in strategic alliances, financial modeling, contract negotiations, and larger Solar project development. I also feel confident in my ever expanding experience in policy negotiation and legislative work gained proudly, and sometimes very vocally, serving COSEIA for the last 2 years.


1. Level the playing field within energy regulation, policy, and especially law. Put the Public back into the Public Utilities Commission.
2. Electric rate design evolution which fairly compensates on-site generation and/or storage owners without adding extraneous administration or hardware costs. Especially surrounding demand and TOU rates, and net metering.
3. Unify the power inherent in the numerous trade and citizen organizations with similar climate saving missions by forming alliances in order to amplify our voice in uncertain legislative times.


My firsthand experience and thorough understanding of Colorado Solar companies’ daily challenges along with our bigger hurdles to market expansion drive my continuing involvement to advance the Colorado solar industry. I have personal insight into local ordinance hurdles (codes, permits, inspections) and bigger picture PUC and Utility process red tape (dockets, programs, applications) which unnecessarily burden us and our customers. By sharing my experience in other states (positive and negative) I will continue to contribute toward real world solutions in the all to often nuanced Solar implementation issues. Last, but far from least, I feel that one of my most non-technical strengths is my outspoken and vocal demeanor – I have and will continue to push the boundaries (occasionally with the respectful disagreement of others) toward a true open market for Solar energy providers and their customers, whether this be regarding COSIEA missions, with our legislators, within the PUC, or in the public realm. I know it will take all of us, diligently contributing the most we can, to make the improvements we need to see in Colorado and beyond.

Catherine Reum (Kate)

I am relatively new to the solar industry, coming to the field with a background in psychology, art and proudly, the daughter of small business owners. I bring with me a passion for people and a strong desire to help our industry grow through ethical business practices, consumer education as well as working with local and state policymakers to ensure that ability for growth. On a personal basis, I am a proud Colorado native and when I am not in the office, I can be found adventuring throughout the state and region.

Within our professional services company, I hold many roles, a ‘Jill of all Traits’ so to speak, but most important to me is working with and helping secure our alliances within the industry including local solar associations. Through working with industry associations, I hope to help develop a code of ethics for solar installation companies, so consumers are not placing their trust on a company that is unethical and/or hiring inexperienced installers. On the Professional front, we also work and hope to help clean up industry by setting the example for responsible and ethical lead generation through our organic acquisition process and ability for consumers to opt-out of contact as well as obtain historical pricing and a plethora of information, prior to receiving quotes from local installers. is a website that services the entire country, hosting customer reviews for Solar Installation companies of all sizes. Companies can have a free listing on our website or subscribe annually for additional benefits including tools to help them get more customer reviews. Every review submitted, regardless if the installer is a subscriber or has a free listing, is audited for validity and screened to meet our Terms and Conditions prior to being posted.

a) Consumer Protection, without hesitation this is my most important focus
b) Consumer Education
c) Policies to ensure the longevity of the solar industry within CO.

On a daily basis I work directly with installers nationwide regarding various levels of running a solar company. While we are most notably known for and our customer reviews, we are also a lead generation company through the Solar Calculator at This connection to nationwide installers gives me great insight to the changes and overall status of the industry as well as the opportunity to assist solar installers on the changes we are seeing in the industry. My hope would be to bring this insight from “the front lines” to COSEIA in an effort to align interests and goals across the industry. As much as possible.

Timothy D. Schoechle, PhD
Secretary ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25/WG1 – Home Electronic System


Dr. Schoechle is an international consultant in computer and communications engineering and in technical standards development. He presently serves as Secretary of ISO/IEC SC25 Working Group 1, the international standards committee for Home Electronic System and is a technical co-editor of several new international standards related to smart grid and to home and building control systems.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Schoechle has engineered the development of electric utility gateways and energy management systems for over 25 years and has played a major role in the development of international standards for home and building networks and for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).  He is currently an active participant of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) hosted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL), U.S. Department of Energy. He authored technical papers presented at six consecutive GWAC/Department of Energy-sponsored Grid-Interop technical conferences from 2007 through 2012.

Dr. Schoechle is a former faculty member of the University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science. He was a co-founder of BI Incorporated, presently a $ billion company in Boulder, Colorado, a pioneer developer of RFID technology.  He holds an M.S. in telecommunications engineering (1995) and a Ph.D. in communication policy (2004) from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Solar Experience

Dr. Schoechle began to focus his engineering and policy work on solar energy and related issues since approximately 2008.  Primarily this involves a focus on distributed solar (e.g., rooftop PV, storage, smart appliances, electric vehicles and related control systems) and integration of these systems at the home and building level.

He is presently (since 2015) the Director and Principle Investigator of the City of Boulder Boulder Energy Challengegrant-funded Solar-plus-storage Demonstration Project.

During 2012–2013, Dr. Schoechle lead a smart grid SBIR phase II engineering project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy titled, Developing an Agent-Based Distributed Smart Controller for Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources to integrate rooftop solar PV.

Since 2013 he has been a Senior Fellow for the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (NISLAPP), a Washington DC based consumer advocate think tank, and he does research and writes papers at the intersection of technology and policy.  He has written numerous policy papers for NISLAPP relating to the integration of solar energy into the international, national, and local energy supply.

Dr. Schoechle is qualified to represent the interests of the solar installation industry and of designers and manufacturers of smart inverters, advanced battery systems, smart appliances, electric vehicle charging equipment, and energy management systems. Particularly, he is qualified to represent the interests of consumers and smaller businesses in the rapidly-growing solar PV industry.


  • Establish systems and technical standards that support the growth of distributed solar PV and benefit consumers and economic growth.
  • Demonstrate and enable the large-scale integration and adoption of advanced batteries and solar PV in the distribution grid.
  • Support the development, demonstration, and advocacy of advanced utility tariffs, rules, and policies that the above.


Integration of technology and policy:
Dr. Schoechle will bring to COSEIA a unique interdisciplinary perspective that comes from over 40 years of hardware and software engineering and 20 years of public policy (including MS and PhD academic study, teaching, writing, and advocacy of technology policy and standardization).

High-tech business development:
He also brings to COSEIA an appreciation of the concerns of local entrepreneurs and small business due to his experience in starting, managing, and growing technology ventures—having founded several businesses, including BI Incorporated, (presently a billion-dollar Boulder high-tech firm employing hundreds of people world-wide).