COSSA offers numerous opportunities to be involved in advocating and improving the deployment of solar and energy storage across Colorado. One easy and beneficial way to get involved is through our committees.

Codes & Standards

Monthly on first Wednesday of the month @ 3pm MT

This committee is focused on solar and storage codes and standards. It is primarily focused on local implementation of national or international standards. Recent work has been around the SolarAPP creation and rollout.

Member-Only Policy Calls

Final Thursday of each month from 12-1 pm MT

While not technically a committee, Member calls are where members get updates on policy and legislation. COSSA Staff shares the latest happenings at the Public Utility Commission and state legislature. Members are able to provide feedback and direction for policy and legislative work.

Conferences & Events

Meets as needed

This committee is designed for members to provide input on how to provide the most valuable events for the industry. This committee is on hold due to COVID restrictions on in-person events, but generally meets monthly to help guide the COSSA staff in strategic and tactical decisions around at least three annual events.

Policy Committees

In an effort to produce successful results for the entire industry at the PUC and the legislature, the Policy Committees exist to help defray costs and to bring in experts to help craft regulations and laws. These committees come with the expectation of time and financial contribution.

Executive Committee

Every other Wednesday @ 1pm MT

This committee is made up of each subcommittee chair and two “at-large” seats. This group is focused on all aspects of solar and energy storage laws and regulations. It provides the strategic direction of COSSA’s policy work. Every proceeding is discussed here. The goal is to ensure that COSSA is being consistent across the entire solar and energy storage sector and making the strongest arguments to expand our markets.

Policy Subcommittees

30 minutes every other Tuesday or Thursday

Because of the sheer amount of work to be done, COSSA has subcommittees that meet to discuss specific sectors of the solar and energy storage industry.

Each subcommittee is focused on their specific vertical. These subcommittees are THE expert on these topics. Each subcommittee member has the opportunity to work on proposed legislation and regulation impacting their sector. Important insights into markets and relationships are gained through these subcommittees.

For additional information on the opportunity to join a COSSA Committee, please contact Stefanie Bednar at