credit for all photos: Photon Brothers

“Our customers who add batteries are able to self-power their homes, eliminating their dependence on the grid and pushing energy back during the late afternoons when power is most valuable and dirtiest to produce.”

Photon Brothers President David Raichart

Colorado is taking charge when it comes to the clean energy revolution and it’s all about building the grid of the future on one happy resident at a time. Take this game-changing project by Colorado’s own Photon Brothers located in Thornton for example. With more than a decade of experience and more than 8,000 installations under their belt, this project showcases why Photon Brothers is stepping up as nationally-recognized leader in whole-home renewable energy and battery storage systems.

Living Off the Grid…ish

Imagine running your whole house on 100% renewable energy, without depending on the grid. Well, that’s precisely what Photon Brothers achieved in Thornton. They installed the latest Tesla Powerwall system that allows the home to generate, store, and use its own energy. It’s like living “off the grid” with all of the safety, flexibility and reliability of being connected.

Battery Storage Steps Into the Sunlight

In 2023, Photon Brothers saw a whopping 100% increase in residential battery storage installations, and here’s why. Homeowners are catching on to the perks of having a battery storage system, especially as utilities switch to time-of-use rates. Photon Brothers isn’t just helping folks reduce their carbon footprint; they’re putting power back in the hands of homeowners, turning them into energy champs who reap the financial and environmental rewards of producing and using their own energy.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Photon Brothers has officially partnered with Tesla as Certified Installers and scored the prestigious Performance Excellence Award for 2022, a recognition given to the top nine installers nationwide. The powerful partnership ensures that their customers get consistent, predictable and reliable solar and storage installations 100% of the time, every time. Here’s the icing on the cake: the Thornton project also features Qcells panels, completing the panel/battery/installer COSSA Member trifecta.

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