“Agrivoltaics is a sustainable solar development tool that maximizes land use.  This bill opens the door to new business opportunities for COSSA members.” –Ellen kutzer, cossa general counsel

Colorado’s SB-092, the Agricultural Producers Use of Agrivoltaics Bill, represents a big step forward for sustainable solar development. By combining solar energy infrastructure with agricultural activities, agrivoltaics can help mitigate some of the impacts of traditional  solar projects. COSSA supported and helped write the bill, which aims to expedite agrivoltaic adoption through research funding, grants, and tax benefits.

Agrivoltaics addresses the land-use challenges of solar development by co-locating solar infrastructure with agriculture. This optimizes land resources, minimizing compromises for community solar gardens and large-scale projects. SB-092 removes barriers to agrivoltaic solar development by offering tax incentives that make projects more economically viable. This benefits the solar industry and opens new development opportunities across the C&I, CSG, and large-scale solar  sectors.

COSSA played an important role in negotiating expanded tax mitigation measures, maximizing grant funding for agrivoltaic projects, and ensuring solar industry representation on the grant review committee. As a result, Colorado’s SB-092 Bill will accelerate the adoption of agrivoltaics and fosters sustainable solar development.

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