The Colorado Electric Transmission Authority (CETA) is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director. CETA is an instrumentality of the state established under state statute, C.R.S.  §40-42-103, to assist with developing electric transmission, storage, and advanced technologies with an emphasis on renewable energy development. CETA’s mandate is to plan, finance, build and operate new electric transmission lines and storage facilities. Operating through the authority granted to its Board of Directors, CETA may provide revenue bonding authority to finance projects, which could involve owning or leasing the facilities, and charge participating entities fees to service the bond debt and recover administrative costs.

Starting Salary Range: $160,000.10 – $210,000.18 
The Executive Director reports to the nine-member CETA board of directors (Board).  The Executive Director will work subject to the direction of the Board and lead the Authority to establish, plan, promote, and implement effective electric transmission and storage infrastructure planning, finance, and development projects and programs for Colorado.
The principal duties of the Executive Director include: 

  • Serve as the full-time senior administrator for CETA, including managing all aspects of implementation, development and expansion of its projects and programs approved by the Board of Directors in compliance with applicable federal and state law
  • In consultation with and pursuant to direction from the Board, develop program and administrative policies, including the development of near-term and long-term strategic plans
  • Execute strategic and tactical directives of the Board of Directors
  • Maintain the budget and day-to-day activities of CETA, to ensure appropriate accounting and contracting consistent with requirements of federal and state law 
  • Facilitate multi-state, multi-utility collaborative agreements and/or contracts to ensure the development of needed transmission infrastructure throughout Colorado to promote reliable, cost effective, clean electricity service, and advance interconnection with electricity markets within and outside of Colorado to help enable export of electricity generation from Colorado resources 
  • Retain and oversee professional consultants as necessary to fulfil legal, accounting, and other compliance requirements and support CETA’s projects and programs
  • Represent the interests of CETA in appropriate regional and state transmission planning processes, including before FERC and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  • Oversee relationships with third parties transacting with CETA
  • Understand the development of growing electricity supply and demand requirements sufficiently to work with local communities, transmission providers (including investor-owned and public utilities and cooperatives), power supply developers and other stakeholders to support the development of cost-effective, timely transmission infrastructure in a timely manner 
  • Maintain a close and effective working relationship with key stakeholders 
  • Overseeing additional CETA staff as capacity expands

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

  • Bachelor of Science or Arts in a relevant field, with advanced degree preferred 
  • Preference given for knowledge and experience with public sector financing for capital infrastructure 
  • Preference given for knowledge of electricity markets, generation and renewable energy technologies, transmission planning, and infrastructure development 
  • Board of directors and organizational management experience in corporate, public agency, or quasi-governmental authority settings
  • Experience with local, state, and federal laws, policies, and permitting requirements governing siting of electric transmission infrastructure and power generation facilities on federal, state, local, and tribal lands 
  • Experience working with political leaders and regulators to achieve policy goals, especially related infrastructure expansion and economic development
  • Experience working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state public utility commissions 
  • Experience with state and federal legislative processes related to energy policies
  • Knowledge of current initiatives in renewable energy development and transmission planning activities and related government initiatives 
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Strong time management and organizational skills 
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a variety of stakeholders in public settings

Excellent written, oral, and presentation communication and negotiation skills

Supplemental Information: Compensation depends on experience.  Expected range is $160,000.10 to $210,000.18 per year.  Additional benefits to be provided pursuant to employment agreement between the Executive Director and the Board. Applicants must be Colorado residents and reside in Colorado.

Application materials must include a cover letter, resume (including 3 references with contact information) and a statement addressing qualification requirements.  The cover letter and resume must provide sufficient detail about the applicant’s background and experience to allow the screening panel to properly assess your experience in the required elements, including your experience and achievements.

Application materials should be sent by email to: