Our installers mount solar panels and PV system equipment to roofs or other residential and
commercial structures under the supervision and direction of project management and crew
supervisors. They are responsible for the expert execution of solar installations as directed
by the crew leads.

DEPARTMENT: Operations
REPORTS TO: Crew Leads, Ops managers
PAY RANGE: $19-24/hour

The installation team is the daily grinder and backbone of the company. Work hard and play
hard is a common mantra amongst the installation team. The installers know how to get things done as a team in leading industry quality and efficiency standards. You are embarking on a journey of immense knowledge growth. Your daily role is critical to the ongoing quality
precedent that is expected at Sandbox Solar. Here we pride ourselves on quality and being
the best. There is room for fun and engaging in our culture is important. Your daily duties are
commended, awarded, and provide physical meaning to the work done here.

Key aspects of the role involve delivering, installing, and maintaining high quality PV solar
generation systems for our customers. We cannot accept installers who have their own way
of doing things. We cannot accept installers who are physically unable to perform tasks,
unable to maintain a safe work environment, or installers who are unwilling to work hard and
take pride in the work that they do.

REQUIREMENTS (Should have, or be obtaining, the following):
• 1+ year Construction Experience
• High School Diploma (or GED)
• Valid Driver’s License (with clean driving record)
• Can comfortably lift/team-lift, push, and pull 60+ lbs repetitively throughout the day.

• Standing for 8+ hours
• Handling sensitive equipment
• Climbing up ladders 12-25 feet to get on a roof

• Lifting 70+ pounds
• Pushing/Pulling 70+ lbs
• Reaching – ladder/roof work
• Kneeling/Crouching/Crawling – Some work spaces may be a tight fit to get into such as attics and crawl
• Working outdoors in extreme weather conditions

• Driving – you may be asked to safely and cautiously operate a company vehicle
• Balancing to safely stay put when installing equipment on a roof
• Climbing up ladders up to 40 feet to get on a roof
• Carrying 60+ pounds up a ladder onto a roof

• Strong work ethic with a commitment to quality and safety
• Fast learner with an ability to grasp new skills in an on-the-job setting.
• Attention to detail
• Good communication skills
• Strong integrity towards day-to-day work, customers, and the Sandbox Solar team.
• Passion for Excellent Team Work & Fun

System Installation

• Layout and assemble mounting hardware and solar modules, racking and electrical equipment

•Apply weather sealing (array, building, or supports, as needed)
• Wiring solar arrays (DC)
• Install critter guards & paint (as needed)
• Installation according to codes and company standard
• Performs routine PV system maintenance
• Reports advanced issues to supervisor
Quality Work & Customer Service
• Clean up job sites upon job completion, ensure no trash is left onsite

• Keep conversations and music to a respectful volume when in or outside of a customer’s home
• Inspecting one’s own work and ensuring a clean, quality installation
• Represents Sandbox Solar with the professionalism and customer service we are known for

Problem Solving: Teamwork makes the dream work. Installers are to work closely with one another and their crew leads to solve problems and work through any issues together, without trying to complete tasks on your own.
Interpersonal Contacts: Our installation professionals must work in a team environment to
complete a project making communication and teamwork essential to the day to day
operations. They are expected to attend company team meetings bi-weekly where there
will be interaction with the rest of the company.
Responsibility: Installation professionals are responsible for their own assigned work
and delivering it with the highest quality in a timely manner. Like any team, installers are
accountable to one another to get the job done right the first time, on time.
Direction: Under close supervision, the installation team receives guidance on specific
assignments, objectives, complex features, and possible solutions. Assistance is furnished
on unique and unusual problems. Work is reviewed for application of sound professional
judgment and conformance to objectives.
Consequences of Error: Errors create internal hassle for those who must catch and/or correct
the mistakes. All work is reviewed, and such problems are usually detected by other staff
members and rarely create a problem for external constituents. It does however, impact
teamwork and creates costs through rework and decreased productivity.