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We are seeking a Solar Installer or Lead Solar Installer to join our team at Empowered Energy Systems located in Hotchkiss CO. This position will start as, or develop into, a Lead Installer position that will share the Lead Installer role with 2 other Lead Installers on a rotating basis. Our ideal candidate has excellent physical stamina, works well with a team, is neat in appearance, knows how to use a variety of power tools, and knows how to work safely.

Year-round position with 32-40 hours/week. Hourly salary $18-$25 DOE. Benefits include
paid time off, 5 paid holidays and a retirement plan.

We are a company that seeks individuals that are interested in being on a team that is committed to honesty and treating the customers with respect. We work closely as a team, and we are each accountable for maintaining excellent customer service and quality work as a goal. We want individuals who are positive and have the enthusiasm to work with others to creatively work on issues and challenges that come up. We strive to keep our work environment as a space for personal development as well as a place for collaborative efforts and creative ideas in all realms of the company.

Solar Installer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organize materials on the jobsite
  • Install racking on roofs or build ground-mount structures
  • Mount the modules on roofs or ground-mount structures
  • Install array wiring and conduit and inspect all electrical parts
  • Install and connect batteries and other accessories
  • Perform maintenance on all systems

Solar Installer Requirements and Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Construction experience required
  • Physical strength and stamina (prolonged periods of kneeling, bending, crouching, and climbing ladders)
  • Must be able to work at heights
  • Some familiarity with electricity and wiring procedures
  • Willingness to pursue NABCEP certification
  • Computer skills (with basic understanding of Google Drive)
  • Ability to follow directions and ask questions
  • Commitment to excellence in one’s work

Lead Installer Qualifications

This job role is intended to start as or progress into a Lead Installer role. The successful candidate will have an interest in learning the additional skills to assume that role at a future date (the time required to shift to a Lead Installer position will depend on the candidate’s current experience)

  • Solar installation experience required
  • NABCEP certification preferred
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Excellent communication skills with customers
  • Read and plan for layout of roof mounted and ground mount systems.
  • Understand and enforce safety procedures
  • Flexibility to adjust plans when change is needed in design plans, crew make-up, job duties for the day
  • Computer skills and ability to work with Google Drive (major focus on docs and sheets/excel) for job tracking
  • OSHA certification
  • Ability and desire to work with a team to resolve challenges, work for improvements and lend creative thought towards the company’s evolution

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