To be an unstoppable force, rethinking conventional forms of energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels,  being kinder to the environment, and helping anyone and everyone do the same. 


To give everyone access to clean, renewable energy solutions – enabling consumers to make  informed decisions about their energy usage, the environment, and how to better their lives. 


SunShare started with a simple idea: to give anyone with an electricity bill access to solar energy.  Five years later, we’ve stumbled across something even bigger- a new way for utilities and  consumers to move from centralized power generation to distributed energy, tap the power of the  private sector, and tackle climate change in a cost-effective manner. 

Founded in 2011, we are one of America’s largest and fastest-growing community solar companies.  We believe making clean energy choices for businesses, institutions, residential and renters should  be easy, and that anyone with an electric bill should have the option to purchase solar energy. We  are a dynamic and highly driven company developing 1-5 MW community distributed solar projects at  scale. With offices in Minneapolis and Denver, we are committed to hiring and developing the best  talent from around the world. 


As part of a dynamic and growing team, the Salesforce & Cloud Integrator will have the  opportunity to take the country’s oldest community solar customer management system to the  next level. Working with business subject matter experts, you will identify improvements to deliver  and maintain a simple and straightforward customer experience for subscribers and internal and  external stakeholders through creating and augmenting systems, processes, and automation  within Salesforce and its connected tools and systems. You will lead SunShare’s conversion from  Salesforce Classic to Lightning, including facilitating user adoption. Your role will be integral to  building and maintaining SunShare’s subscriber base, and making the world a cleaner, brighter  place! 


  • Handle all administrative functions including user account maintenance, security profile  updates, reports and dashboards, workflows and other routine tasks
  • Support integrating Salesforce to other IT systems, reporting tools, and data sources. Perform  data uploads as needed 
  • Analyze and improve existing automations including workflows, processes, and deployment  methodology 
  • Coordinate with business function teams on evaluation, scope, and completion of new  development requests 
  • Proven ability to design and implement new processes and facilitate user adoption • Meet deadlines, handle and prioritize simultaneous requests, and manage laterally and  upwards 
  • Assist in training of new users, and grow the skillset across the organization 


  • Minimum 2+ years of experience as a developer 
  • True passion to grow in a renewable energy career path and a desire to learn business  operations skills beyond Salesforce development 
  • Both Classic and Lightning Experience preferred 
  • Strong understanding of the platform, with the ability to build custom apps and objects,  formula fields, workflows and custom views 
  • Strong understanding and experience with Apex, triggers, workflow rules, process builders,  REST APIs, JSON, etc. 
  • Strong understanding of best practices and functionality, including  integrations with WordPress, Zapier, etc. 
  • Strong data management abilities 
  • Excellent customer service, verbal and written communication, and organizational skills • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills 
  • Strong process orientation, team work and communication skills • Ability to work autonomously to achieve goals

Qualified applicants should email resume and cover letter to Human Resources at 

Salary Range: $60,000 – $75,000 annually