During the 2021Topgolf Networking Event, COSSA recognized the achievements of several individuals whose work created valuable opportunities for the solar and storage industry in the state.

Senators Stephen Fenberg & Kevin Priola passed SB21-261, which expanded net metering, required the PUC to establish incentives for energy storage, and created limited off-site virtual net-metering.

Representatives Alex Valdez & Kevin Van Winkle passed HB21-1284, which updated the Fair Permitting Act. This update places clear caps on the aggregate fees of solar permits for both residential and commercial installations.

The Weld County Board of County Commissioners and City Planner, Tom Parko, were recognized with the Solar and Storage Champion and Friend of Solar awards for their work with the solar industry to create rules for front-of-the-meter systems that will serve as an example for other countries across Colorado. created new permitting rules for large-scale solar projects.

Dan Merkle identified a key opportunity to lower property taxes for in-front-of-the-meter solar projects.