About BayWa r.e.  

BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC (BayWa r.e.) is dedicated to supporting local, independent installers — the foundation of a robust and healthy solar industry. We offer best-in-class products coupled with unrivaled customer support and a growing suite of services aimed at helping installation companies run more efficiently.  

For our employees, the tangible value in our company comes from the growth opportunities available to those with initiative and curiosity. We believe that the work is the boss: figure out what needs to get done and then it’s all hands-on deck.  

We are a company that believes culture is our backbone. Want to get to know us better? Check out our e-magazine, Solar Review.

About the Position:

The primary responsibilities of the Agile Team Coach is to support individuals on teams, support teams becoming high-performing teams, and to cultivate an ecosystem that enables high performing teams to thrive.  Team Coaches drive results by focusing on developing the capabilities of the people and teams over optimizing for immediate, short-term results.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Culture champion and promoter of continuous learning
    • Fluency in, use of, and dissemination of common tools and practices
    • Ensure team culture(s) remain in line with organizational culture
    • Engage with, and update cultural resources to ensure accuracy and quality of content (ex: BayTalk curriculum and series)
    • Building trust, use of common language and tools, reliance on practice and leadership by example, empowering rather than directing
    • Promote and participate in ongoing learning opportunities
  • Agile promoter
    • Promote and model Agile and Agile principles
    • Coach agile teams in the methodology
    • Work with leaders to integrate Agile practices within the company
    • Develop standards and requirements for the agile process
    • Provide training to employees on the agile process
    • Help teams navigate agile tools and software
    • Encourage employee and stakeholder buy-in
  • Unleashing employee potential
    • Support and encourage the exploration of options, decisions and actions of the employee or team based on their agenda
      • Regular check-ins, professional coaching, self-awareness development, and goal setting with employees
    • Building capabilities on teams by helping identify gaps and supporting the upskilling of employees
    • Providing or finding mentorship for growth opportunities
    • Identify leaders and help develop leadership skills and opportunities
  • Cultivate an ecosystem that enables high-performing teams to thrive
    • Support and participate in Team formation activities
    • Work with their teams and individuals to establish clear goals for themselves based on an agenda of their choosing. Help them see, and courageously explore, what is truly possible in their organization. Challenge and hold them accountable to their own expectations and commitments
    • Promote team health and healthy team dynamics
    • Work closely with Team Leads to develop and harness characteristics of high-performing teams
    • Participate in organizational development work that impacts teams
    • Promote and provide a culture of honest and direct feedback between colleagues
    • Facilitate difficult conversations
    • Work with Team Leads to remove obstacle

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Agile Mindset: Brings a strong understanding of Agile principles, practices and methodologies to achieve team success.
  • Execution & Delivery: Capable of applying tasks across multiple teams and programs; overseeing multiple teams in a geographically distributed remote environment.
  • Change Agent: Expert change leadership skills including the ability to create an inclusive environment, manage conflict and develop solutions to mitigate risk.
  • Coaching: Demonstrated success utilizing coaching techniques to inspire individuals and teams to perform at a higher level.
  • Influence: Ability to influence behaviors of leaders at all levels and without traditional hierarchy.
  • Servant Leadership: Foster an environment where individuals thrive as empowered and equal members of a team.
  • Communication: Proficient in communicating thoughts, concepts, practices effectively at all levels, adjusting as needed to a target audience.
  • Collaboration: Expertise working with others in a cross-functional multi-team environment.
  • Continuous Improvement: Demonstrate a commitment to continually improve, share learning with others and encourage team development.
  • Goal setting: Advanced knowledge with goal frameworks i.e., SMART; input-output-outcome evaluation.
  • Interpersonal: In day-to-day interactions and communication, excels in interpersonal skills, i.e. active listening, patience, empathy, dependability, and motivation.
  • Questioning: Ability to put aside own expertise and experience, focus attention, elicit new ideas, foster commitment.
  • Feedback: Exhibited success in providing and coaching others on how to give constructive feedback.

Exhibited Behaviors of the ideal candidate:

  • Gumption: You show initiative, resourcefulness, and bravery in approaching difficult, complex, or daunting issues.
  • Decision Making: You understand when decisions need to be made; you use decision-making tools, and methods; you make decisions clearly.
  • Open-mindedness: You challenge your own assumptions and recognize your biases and mental models; you are open to seeing things in new ways and to others’ points of view.
  • Straight Talk: You are kind and direct; you tell people how they can improve in ways that they can hear and internalize; you take input well and turn it into fuel for your own growth.
  • Empowering: You create opportunities for others to take more responsibility and grow; you support the growth of others.
  • Team Player: You prioritize the success of the company.

Required Education & Experience:

  • Bachelors degree, preferred.
  • Five years business or related experience.
  • Five years Agile experience with demonstrated success in leading teams to higher Agile maturity.
  • Five years of experience as a coach.
  • Three years of experience championing organizational change initiatives.
  • Management experience, preferred.


We strive to offer progressive benefits to our employees. We believe that our employees and our culture are the foundation of the work that we do. 

  • Base salary with monthly team bonus potential. We are an organization that works together as a team to achieve our goals. 
  • 401k with match 
  • Health, Dental, Vision, Group & Voluntary Life Insurance and AD&D 
  • Unlimited PTO 
  • 12 weeks of paid family leave (maternity and paternity) 

BayWa operates in accordance with CCPA regulations. Click here to see BayWa’s CCPA job applicant disclosure.   

BayWa r.e. is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to genetic characteristics or information, race, color, creed, sex, gender, gender identity, marital status, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local laws.  For Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) purposes, the essential functions of the job may or may not have been described for purposes of ADA reasonable accommodation.  All reasonable accommodation requests will be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.