Xcel Energy Colorado has reached 50,000 Customer-Sited Solar Installations!

In 2018, the Solar*Rewards team handled more than 8,700 applications which led to over 6,400 on-site solar installations. This number will continue to grow as nearly 20 on-site solar projects are being interconnected, per day. Congratulations!

 2020-2021 Renewable Energy (RE) Plan
The proposed plan has been filed and can be found under docket # 19A-0369E

Medium Solar*Rewards Program Q3 is Open 6 MW available (+ add’l capacity from Q2 rollover)
Insurance Requirements – Builders Risk Policy
For new construction projects that plan to install solar and where the Xcel Energy services are in the builders or general contractors name, are allowed to upload their Builders Risk policy to satisfy the insurance requirement. This was asked for by COSSA and Xcel was able to accommodate our request.

SPVTOU A & B Qualifications
Each premise must qualify independently for SPVTOU A or B by meeting the following:
SPVTOU A: (1) participate in the Company’s Solar*Rewards Medium program prior to 2017; (2) PV system must have a capacity between 10 and 500 kW; (3) had a minimum “average” load factor for the 12 months previous to the installation of their on-site solar of 30%; and (4) installed their PV system after June 1, 2010.

 (1) participate in the Company’s Solar*Rewards Medium program beginning January 1, 2017 or later; (2) PV system must have a capacity of at least 10 kW; (3) has a minimum “average” load factor for the 12 months previous to the installation of their on-site solar of 30%; and (4) service loads are at least 25kW and no more than 500kW (Annual Demand kW).

Additional Notes:
If customer is currently on the SPVTOU A rate and wishes to add additional panels to that system, then they must switch to the SPVTOU B rate. If customer is currently on SPVTOU B rate and wishes to add additional panels to the system, they may do so as there is no limitation to adding additional panels. A load profile meter is necessary before billing on SPVTOU. If the Customer does not have one currently, then a load profile meter will be ordered as part of the solar meter exchange order once the solar application is complete through the online portal.

Link PV Production Account in the Customers My Account Portal
If a Customer would like to link their production account(s) to their current My Account profile, please have the Customer follow these instructions: Login to My AccountClick on the Manage My Accounts button at the top right of your screenClick on the Add Account buttonEnter the account number, account phone number and premise zip code (this step is required)Click on the Next buttonEnter an account nickname, select default and/or add a business segment (this step is NOT required)Click on the Next buttonCheck the “I Agree” box and click the Submit button For convenience, the Customer can synchronize all of their Xcel Energy accounts together using My Account. Residential and commercial accounts can be linked together. In addition, accounts from different states can be linked together. If they need other assistance, please call our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-895-4999.

Assignment of Contract Process
Owners of solar systems that are participating in the Solar*Reward program have a 20-year contract that does not end when they sell their home. The original owner and the new owner MUST sign an Assignment of Contract (AOC) form in order to continue receiving the Solar*Rewards incentives for the remainder of the 20-year term. Please read through our revisedAssignment of Contract webpage for a refresher on the process so you can help assist our mutual customers in ensuring that both parties sign an AOC when there is a home sale.