City of Pueblo:

  • RFQ for Municipalization Consulting Services
  • RFQ for Public Relations for Municipalization of Utility Services
    These are two separate bids from the City of Pueblo.

Bid Title: 18-052 RFQ Electric Utility Purchase Feasibility Consulting Services
Current Projects
Status: Open


The City of Pueblo is seeking a firm to perform a feasibility study to evaluate the legal, technical, and financial requirements necessary for the City of Pueblo to assume control of electric utility services within the City currently provided by Black  Hills. The requested analysis must include a twenty (20) year financial pro forma
analysis that estimates annual revenues, operation and maintenance (O&M) expenses, administrative and general expenses (A&G), capital expenditures, projected debt requirements, annual debt service and fiscal reserves. The study will determine the acquisition target, establish a value for the assets based on multiple models, and an
evaluation of engineering and construction costs to effectively complete a severance.

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Bid Title: 18-054 RFQ for a Public Relations Firm for Municipalization of Utility Services
Category: Current Projects
Status: Open

The City of Pueblo (City) seeks to hire an experienced consultant to help the city develop and execute a communication plan to support the effort of evaluations alternatives to an investor owned utility provider. This effort will involve thoughtful collaboration with the City Council, administrative staff, key community stakeholders, and the public.

All prospective Consultants are hereby instructed NOT to contact any member of the Pueblo City Council, City Manager, members of the City’s Electric Utility Commission, or City staff members. Only the City’s designated procurement officer designated in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) can be contacted regarding this solicitation package, the Consultant’s submittal package, City’s Intent to Award, or City’s Intent to Reject (if applicable) at any time prior to the formal award for this project. Any such contact may be cause for rejection of your submittal.

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