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Solar Trade Partner Info Sheet_ Pricing Plans

Monetization of Roll Over Credits for all Solar Customers

Xcel Energy and solar stakeholders recently agreed to change the way net-metered solar customers receive bill credits for the excess electricity their solar panels generate. This change—which became effective on March 10, 2018—means that rooftop solar customers who selected the “Roll Over” Credit Option will begin to see their bill credit in dollars, rather than kilowatt-hour credits on their bill.

A key benefit of this change is that it allows rooftop solar customers to receive the value of the solar at the time when it is generated. For example, if they are on a time-of-use pricing plan, this can help them realize additional savings from solar produced during on-peak hours. It also helps customers, on any pricing plan, see the dollar value of the credits they’re rolling forward for future use.

This change only affects roof-top solar customers who have selected the Roll Over Credit Option for their excess electric generation. If the customer has selected the Waive Decision Option instead, they will see no changes to their bill or year-end payment calculation.

If customers have questions, please have them call 1-800-895-4999

To learn more about the Xcel Energy pricing plan options for solar, please view the Info Sheets (attached). The Trade Info Sheet should be used by installers internally for answering questions or for their salespeople, while the Customer Info Sheet is better suited to sending to customers directly.