Post Date: May 3, 2017
Opportunity Title: Request for Proposal for Contracted Rooftop PV Services

We are community members of East Boulder County who are passionate about solar!  We want solar installed on our roofs and we want to encourage our neighbors to do the same. So, we formed a little committee and have already seen outstanding interest.

Our goal is to hire a solar installer.   We will then work with the installer to promote and encourage others to join us through neighborhood meetings, knocking on our neighbor’s doors, and social media. Marketing by companies is hard in this time of media overload and consumer skepticism of alternative facts.  So, let us serve as trusted ambassadors! We have done our homework and are ready to go and talk to neighbors, friends, and family about how solar is a great way to save money and reduce carbon emissions.    In exchange for our marketing and outreach, we are hoping to achieve economies of scale for the installer and a savings for consumers.

Full details are available here: East BoSoCo RFP