Post Date: August 30, 2016
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Job Title: Installation Manager
Reports to: Operations Manager
Location: 1501 Lee Hill Dr. #24, Boulder, CO 80304

Division/Department: Boulder Office
Job Summary
The Installation Manager is in charge of on-site management of individual jobs and installation staff and for communicating job progress to Operations Manager. This job title is similar to a Superintendent position at a construction company.

Essential Functions

Work with Operations Manager to understand job scheduled start date to begin process of lining up tasks necessary to deploy resources to begin and complete installation on time and on budget.

Specific Tasks include:

Track and report job hours on a daily basis and each day communicate to install staff hours left on job and update schedule for real time job tracking reporting.

Work with Operations Manager to set weekly schedule for the install crew:  Specifically and with budgeted hours in mind, set daily job start and completion timelines for install crew and communicate with Lead Installer at the end of each day to understand  job progress and to reset installation expectations as necessary.

Responsible for collecting,  reviewing and turning over time cards to accounting for processing

Responsible for hiring, firing, and performance review of installation crew.   Installation Manager will work with HR to help process resumes and setting up job interview schedules.

Responsible for training and safety of installation team.   Installation manager/safety coordinator will schedule and hold regular safety meetings and perform both on-site and staged training opportunities.

Line up subcontractors, including trades people, laborers, trenchers, cranes, tree removal and all other 3rd party on-site service necessary for job completion.

Review and work with electricians to complete bill of materials (BOM).  Responsible to ensuring all materials are accounted for in BOM.

Manage that materials specified in the BOM are staged one week in advance of project start date.  Work with warehouse coordinator to ensure this gets done on a timely basis.

Quality Control:  responsible for collecting and reviewing commissioning report.

Coordinating with Ops manager for calling for and meeting inspectors for final inspection.

Responsible for taking final inspection photos for internal and external use and for submitting final inspection notification via email to All IPS.

Responsible for collecting  installation checklist and per-job materials binders checklist from Lead Installer.

Responsible for collecting  As-Built and Labor Hours worksheets from Lead Installer.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

Education: BA or BS degree in related degree

Knowledge Requirements: Project Management, General Management, or Construction Management. Familiarity with NEC, IBC, NABCEP, and OSHA standards.

Experience: 1-2 years in the solar electric contracting industry. Minimum 5 years in the trades

Full time, Monday-Friday

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