COSEIA believes the future of our energy supply and our utility system is too important to leave in only the hands of Colorado’s biggest utility, Xcel Energy. The company launched a major energy policy initiative in early 2016 called “Our Energy Future,’ which includes numerous dockets filed at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in addition to a massive public relations campaign. COSEIA is mobilizing a public response to make sure Coloradans have a say. 

solar_ownersWho should control Colorado’s energy future?

If implemented in its entirety, Xcel’s “Energy Future” would make significant changes in the way that energy is planned, priced and owned in the state of Colorado. It could have negative financial impacts on Xcel’s electricity customers – especially the owners of solar systems – as well as Colorado’s renewable energy entrepreneurs. More importantly, it could further delay the pace at which renewable energy moves forward in our state by imposing a variety of economic and policy barriers to the development of solar energy by any entity except Xcel.

Colorado could do more to promote renewable energy

While Colorado used to be a top 5 solar state, we have now dropped to 9th place in total installed capacity, and 12th in installed capacity last year because of policies that are falling behind other states. We believe that Coloradans want our state to again become a top solar leader. Citizens deserve a say in deciding our energy future. Now a monopoly utility with clear conflicts of interest is leading that process. Furthermore, the utility is spending millions of ratepayer dollars to make its PR case to the public.

We think it’s time to bring the Public back to the Public Utility.

How is COSEIA responding?

Policy / Legal Responses:

COSEIA has formally intervened at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to participate in litigation over the major dockets including: The Phase II Electric Rate Case, Solar*Connect, and the 2017-2019 Renewable Energy Plan. COSEIA is formulating responses and developing better alternatives to some of the proposals Xcel has filed. These will be lengthy, complex and costly procedures akin to litigating lawsuits. We will post appropriate updates here and on our policy pages. A summary of our initial thinking can be downloaded below:

Summary of COSEIA response to major Xcel dockets

Attend the Rate Case Hearing:
Thursday, June 9, 4-6 p.m.
Public Utilities Commission Hearing Room
1560 Broadway, Suite 250/Denver, CO 80202

Download the Colorado Solar Coalition Q & A on Rates (PUC Docket 16AL-0048E)

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Public Education & Outreach Responses:

COSEIA is leading the development of the Colorado Solar Coalition to educate the public about the larger questions that face all of us in considering our energy future. Who should control, manage, and drive the development of renewable energy policy in Colorado? It has been over ten years since Colorado voters passed Amendment 37, ushering in a new era of renewable energy development in our state. Is it time for new policies that include a broader range of stakeholders – along with our state’s largest monopoly utility – in determining how rapidly we move to adopt clean energy? How do we ensure that all ratepayers – including low-income residents- can benefit from renewables? How do we encourage a rapid transition to clean energy when solar still contributes less than 2% of Xcel’s mix? How do we truly provide customer choice and energy independence to Coloradans? We need your help in answering these critical questions. Here are things you can do:

Read the Solar Coalition statement
Join COSEIA as a Company or Solar Advocate member
Send your comments to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission