COSEIA is launching a new community of citizens committed to building a clean energy economy. While polls show overwhelming public support for more solar energy, attacks continue from special interests threatened by our technology. Our new initiative is called Solar CitSuns and it’s designed to harness the public commitment to solar energy. 
All you have to do is sign up! It’s free and easy. Just go to:

In Colorado, about 30,000 citizens have already made the decision to go solar by putting panels on their own homes. But no one even has a list of those residents. Solar CitiSuns will engage solar installers to enroll their customers – past, present and future—into a secure database.

Beyond this, Solar CitiSuns will seek to do broad outreach and enroll thousands of people who simply want more solar energy and are interested in learning more. The database will be used for educational purposes by engaging participants through lively newsletters, social media stories and calls to action.

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