The Colorado Electrical Board on March 23  granted COSEIA’s request for a delay in enforcing a new code requirement to include rapid disconnect equipment with PV systems.  The board agreed to a new compliance deadline of August 1, 2015. We hope that home rule jurisdictions will follow the state’s lead on postponing enforcement.

The 2014 National Electrical Code provision 690.12 was included to enhance firefighter safety. However, there is still no UL standard for the requirements to meet the code, and thus no UL-listed products, as the state requires. COSEIA was granted  an extension from enforcement until April 1 last fall. On Monday, March 23, COSEIA representatives appeared before the electrical board again to explain that because UL has not released a standard yet, there are not yet compliant products or systems although several manufacturers are working on them.

Jason Sharpe of Namaste Solar said that imposing a code requirement before there is a UL-listed solution would lead to “inconsistent and unreliable” results. Also, Duncan Cleminshaw, Code Compliance Manager for Solar City, flew in from California to participate in the meeting on behalf of the solar industry.

The electrical board was split with some members saying that the code provision should be enforced with the industry figuring out interim ways to comply.  But the majority voted for the extension, with the understanding that the industry will appear again before the board in July if there are still no compliant products available.